Margin Trading Advisor

Effortless crypto trading profit by autopiloted CTA with insurance cover

Australian Regulated

OFC is an Austrac regulated digital currency exchange provider

Insurance Cover

Our unique SAFU insurance to cover any potential losses

Risk Management

Strictly enforced stop proft/loss points executed by AI

Supreme Strategies

Institutional CTA strategies only open positions upon clear trends

Boutique Liquidity Solutions

liquidity to over 20 cryptocurrency exchanges around world ranking top 10 liquidity providers in the world

  • Multiple institutional fiat gateway supported
  • Lowest Slippage and latency
  • Over 120 trading pairs
  • Regulated in Australia

Margin Trading Advisor(MTA)

With MTA, you can autopilot your trades with everything under your control

  • On-chain deposit and withdrawal at any time
  • Consolidated trading pairs from major exchanges
  • Autopiloted trading via low latency gateway
  • Learn market via AI forecast and OFC Academy

OFC Trading Intelligence

OFC’s proprietary trading intelligence assists small-scale trading teams to collect data, backtest, and devise strategies with better efficiency

  • Customisable modules
  • Easy-to-use data toolbox
  • Quick and accurate back testing
  • High extensibility and compatibility

Rediscover Cryptocurrency Trading

OFC’s commitment: To Make Cryptocurrency Mainstream By 2035

Global Reach

As one of the top liquidity providers in cryptocurrency world, we are committed to service excellence globally


Trading Intelligence Prediction Accruacy


Servicing Over 80 Institutions Gloabally


Liquidity support for 20+ exchanges

Better Than Before

MTA is simply a better crypto margin trading model: effortless, reasonably profitable, and risk-resistant.

Copy Trading
Copy Trading
Copy Trading
Revenue from trading fee rabates
Tend to trade with high frequency. Profit not related to customers’ success
High latency and delays
Profit sharing when users gain
CTA low risk strategies upon clear trend. Strict risk management and SAFU insuance
Low latency infrastructure
Custodial Quant Trading
Custodial Quant Trading
Custodial Quant Trading
Profit sharing when users gain
Opaque operation, strategies and fund custodian. No loss protection
Low latency infrastructure

OFC gives me a chance to turn my hobby to my career. Joining OFC was just exciting.


Summer Intern 2019

This might be one of the coolest internship opportunities around and luckily I got it.


Summer Intern 2018

Working with OFC taught me almost everything not just about cryptos, but trading, 10x more than what I learnt in uni!


Summer Intern 2019

Work With Us

Are you interested in cryptocurrency and trading? Are you ready for a truly global opportunity? Contact us and out more about career opportunities of OFC!

Full-stack Developer

Working as a developer in OFC means you need to be ready for learning new stuff. I feel lucky to get a chance to work on the order book system that I never learnt before. It just feels good

Junior Quant Trader

I was amazed by the fast paced lifestyle and challenges. Working with OFC is truly an unforgettable experience

Cryptocurrency Analyst

Cryptocurrency trading is a total new world so you have to embrace the challenge and be ready to innovate endlessly. Luckily OFC creates this opportunity for you

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